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Are you looking for Invisalign-certified services in New Sharon NJ Look no further if you answered yes. Invisalign Monmouth County provides Invisalign-certified services to New Sharon and New Jersey. We offer Invisalign, a popular, modern, and invisible solution to straighten your teeth without braces.

Invisalign is not just for those who want them. Invisalign certification services are only available at a certified dental clinic that has a trained dentist who is certified.

Invisalign Monmouth County is one of the NJ dentist clinics that offers Invisalign.

Our patients trust us to provide the best service. Align Education has given our dentists wealth of educational tools that set them apart from other dentists.

Our dentists are certified in continuing education. Instructor-led and online training has been provided. Invisalign Monmouth County are one of the New Sharon NJ Invisalign dentist practices that are qualified to provide all Invisalign treatments.

The experienced Dr. Mark Berkowitz, and Dr. Gary Braun are certified Invisalign professionals for adult and teenage patients. Contact us if you are looking for discreet, safe, and comfortable Invisalign treatment for teens and adults.

Together, our dentists have more than 50 years of experience in treating teeth and jaw problems, jaw movement issues, jaw growth, jaw movements, jaw irregularities, and other health concerns. Patients get the best treatment in a professional setting thanks to their extensive knowledge and firsthand experience with dentistry.


We proudly are the #1 choice in Monmouth & Ocean Counties including these cities: Sharon, Shrewsbury, Nelsonville, Allentown, Wrightsville, Clarksburg, Ely, Manalapan, Elton, Englishtown


What Exactly Is Invisalign?

The most modern orthodontics system for straightening teeth, Invisalign is known as the best. The system, as the name implies is transparent. It is high-tech and quick to use, with proven results in aligning teeth.

Clear removable aligners are used to straighten teeth. They gradually shift the teeth into the correct position. This system is comfortable and discreet. The Invisalign model is created by 3D computer imaging technology.

Invisalign has become so common that over 50% of patients with orthodontics want it. Invisalign aligners are safer than braces (there are 80% fewer emergencies). Invisalign has helped more than 12 million people straighten their smiles and given them beautiful smiles.


What is the process of installing Invisalign Aligners? What are the Invisalign Certified Services? We’ve summarized these steps for you.

Step 1: Call Us/Visit our Clinic

If you want to straighten your teeth in New Sharon NJ, but don’t want braces, then Invisalign Monmouth County is the place for you. Even before you are accepted as a patient, our dentists will be there to help you.

Contact us if you have any questions about Invisalign in New Jersey.

Step 2: Create Digital Impressions

Step 2 is for those who want to continue with the treatment. Digital impressions are taken of your teeth to begin treatment. Digital imaging software allows you to create 3D images of your teeth within minutes.

We can now make customized aligners to provide optimal comfort for patients. Analog impressions are not long and inexact. The scan captures all information quickly and easily.

Step 3. Invisalign Treatment Planning

We take 3D photos and then we walk our patients through the treatment plan. We use SmileView to simulate your smile and show you what the outcome might be. A treatment plan is also developed for each patient. The best part is that you can choose your terms. It will also tell you when your Invisalign aligners should be removed and cleaned.

Step 4: Making Invisalign Aligners

Based on 3D scans of the patient’s teeth, we proceed to make aligners. SmartTrack is a safe, effective material that has been tested for its unmatched predictability in teeth movement. SmartForce attachments are small, tooth-colored forms that attach to aligners to ensure the correct amount of force is applied to the teeth.

Step 5: Monitoring & Retainer Installation

Our patient’s progress is monitored. Software that tracks tooth movement is available to monitor it from beginning to end. Remote monitoring allows us to stay connected with patients. You can have virtual appointments with us and we will discuss your treatment progress. Before you come in for a physical exam, please contact our office.


Invisalign Results

Your teeth will align as per the instructions of your dentist. Each case is different and will require a different treatment plan. Different aligners are worn for different periods of time, usually weeks. To move your teeth in a specific way, a new set of aligners is replaced. The movement continues until your teeth are straight. Treatment can last from months to one year depending on the case. Retainers will be used to hold your smile in place after your teeth have been aligned correctly. Our patients get invisible Vivera retainers.


The Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a treatment that you should consider in New Jersey. These are some of the major benefits over traditional braces.

I. Straightens Teeth Comfortably

Invisalign aligners don’t feel uncomfortable, unlike braces. The aligners are perfectly fitted because they have been created using advanced software. To maximize comfort, the aligners are tailored to your specific gumline.

Invisalign aligners are made from FDA-approved flexible thermoplastic. This material also provides a very comfortable feeling. Aligners aren’t as irritating or harmful to the soft tissues of your mouth as braces. Aligners are more comfortable than braces for straightening teeth.

II. Effective in Straightening Teeth

Invisalign offers a more comfortable option than traditional braces. Aligners move your teeth to the perfect alignment. SmartTrack and SmartForce are patented attachments that have been proven to be effective in straightening your teeth. Braces are not nearly as efficient as Invisalign in straightening your teeth.

Invisalign has been developed from years of patient research. The industry’s leading team of engineers and scientists behind Invisalign are constantly improving the treatment.

III. Invisible

Braces can be very noticeable. Braces are visible to everyone, even if you don’t smile. Invisalign aligners can be invisible. Invisalign aligners don’t affect your appearance as much as traditional braces.

IV. Clean Mouth

The aligners of Invisalign are easily removable. Aligners can be removed and cleaned, unlike braces. Braces can be removed and your teeth cleaned easily.

V. High-tech Treatment Option

High-tech software is used to create Invisalign aligners. Patients can also see their newly created smiles on their first visit. The scans take less than one minute and the dentist can remotely monitor patients’ progress. Braces are less predictable than aligners, which can deliver the optimal force needed to straighten your teeth.

VI. No Restrictions on Diet

Invisalign aligners can be removed at any time. When you eat, the aligners can be removed and re-attached. Braces are not compatible with this method. Braces can only be used to fix foods.

VII. Stop Grinding Your Teeth While Sleeping

Invisalign aligners function like mouthguards. Night guards are no longer necessary for patients with teeth-clenching or grinding habits. Aligners offer protection against excessive wear for 22 hours.

Adult Invisalign

Statistics show that 90% of Americans have slightly misaligned teeth. The majority of adults in this category didn’t get braces as children, for many reasons.

For obvious reasons, however, traditional braces don’t work well for adults. Many people would prefer to live with their crooked smiles than have an adult brace. But not anymore. For adults with misaligned or crooked teeth, Adult Invisalign can be a great solution.

Invisalign offers many benefits, including an invisible option. Invisalign Monmouth County offers adult Invisalign in NJ. Get the following services today

I. The invisible solution for misaligned smiles: Aligners are virtually undetectable by adults. You won’t be able to tell if someone has Invisalign aligners unless you are very close. Clear plastic aligners don’t give you a shiny smile. Adult Invisalign is not comparable to braces’ wires and rubber bands.

II. Very low maintenance. There are few to no restrictions on diet: Braces do not restrict adults in any way. You can’t eat foods that stick to your braces at work, for example. You must floss regularly if you don’t want to. Invisalign is a more convenient option for busy adults.

III. There is no pain. Braces can be painful. They are more uncomfortable after they have been installed and tightened. The pain radiates around the head and jaw. Invisalign aligners are virtually painless for most people. The high-tech, multi-ray adjustable design allows subtle changes to be made without the need for paint. This makes it possible to eat or work as normal.

IV. Our dentists can take several 3D impressions of the dental formula in seconds. Therefore, consultations are faster and can be monitored remotely. Patients can usually visit the clinic once. For the busy adult, Adult Invisalign is a great option.


Teen Invisalign

It shouldn’t take much to get a great smile for teens. The following are the benefits of our teen Invisalign NJ services (Invisalign Teens).

I. Invisalign is an invisible solution.

II. There is less pain with Invisalign aligners than with braces. These aligners are more comfortable than braces and they feel even better.

III. Invisalign works as well and is even more effective than braces. The Invisalign Teen aligners are custom-made for teens and fit perfectly. Aligners come with compliance indicators, which are color dots that will fade if the aligners have been worn correctly.

IV. Corrects teens’ overbite and teeth grinding: Aligners with precision wings move the jaw. This fixes common chin issues such as a crooked chin or poor bite.

For all of your Invisalign needs, why not choose Invisalign Monmouth County?

Invisalign Monmouth County is a top choice for Invisalign in NJ. There are many benefits to choosing Invisalign Monmouth County. Some of the most prominent are:

Invisalign-certified providers are available in Morganville, New Jersey. Our services are not intended to be offered by people who don’t have the qualifications.

We offer unmatched customer service. Our services include Invisalign for adults in NJ and teen Invisalign in NJ. We also offer many advanced treatment options in New Sharon, NJ, and the state as a whole. High-tech services are our #1 NJ dentist practice.

Dental staff that is highly skilled and experienced: We have more than 50 years of combined experience in dental practices. Invisalign retainers can be installed by us. We also offer other services. Dental hygienists and other dental specialists are available to support our dentists.

Excellent customer service. We respond to all inquiries, even before a person becomes a patient. Potential clients will be guided through Invisalign and other services. Get in touch with us today!


FAQs about Invisalign and Related Topics in NJ Dentist

What exactly is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a method of straightening teeth using invisible plastic aligners.

What is the Invisalign alignment made from?

Invisalign aligners, as mentioned previously, are made of flexible plastic (patented thermoplastic Smart Track).

What is the process of Invisalign?

It starts with a visit to the dentist, where patients will be informed about their treatment options. The 3D digital impression of the patient is taken within seconds. A custom treatment plan can then be crafted. After that, the aligners can be made and fitted. To move the teeth, patients will need multiple aligner sets. A retainer is used to hold the aligned teeth in their place after the procedure.

What is the cost of Invisalign in New Jersey?

It depends! The severity of the misalignment will affect how much it costs. More severe misalignments will cost you more. Braces are generally the same cost as braces, but costs can vary depending on which case.

Are Invisalign treatments faster than braces or Invisalign?

Each case is different. Most Invisalign cases can be completed faster than braces.

What is the cost of Invisalign treatment?

As long as you have an agreement with your dentist or orthodontist, cash can be used to pay in whole or part. Other payment options, such as insurance, or paying through a Health Savings Account or Flexible Savings Account, are also possible.

Are Invisalign aligners safe?

Absolutely! All aligners are made from FDA-approved thermoplastic. The plastic doesn’t contain harmful compounds such as latex, BPS or BPA and is FDA-approved. The plastic material doesn’t cause gum irritation or injury, unlike braces.

What is the top NJ Invisalign clinic?

Invisalign-certified providers should provide Invisalign services. Invisalign Monmouth County is one of the few practices that are authorized to provide Invisalign treatment in Morganville. This dental office is staffed by dentists who have more than 50 years of experience in dental work and are able to offer professional services.

What are the best ways to choose an Invisalign provider for NJ?

Your preferred provider must be accredited, as mentioned previously. Also, you should seek out licensed orthodontists. Pay attention to what technology they are using. Invisalign Certified Services are high-tech and require Invisalign Technology.

What length should Invisalign aligners be worn?

It depends. It all depends on how severe the misalignment is. There are many different types of tooth alignment issues that can be experienced by patients. These problems require different treatments. Aligners can be worn for up to six months, or even longer.

What length should the retainer be worn after I have had Invisalign treated?

Although Invisalign is different from metal braces in that it uses a more precise method, the end results are almost identical. To keep your teeth straight, you will need to use a retainer.

What happens to my Invisalign aligners if they aren’t worn?

Your aligners should be worn all day, except for meals. This translates into approximately 22 hours. Failure to adhere to the instructions will cause delays in your results. They can cause discomfort and your teeth may be repositioned quickly.

Are Invisalign aligners safe to eat/drink?

No! No! Aligners can cause damage or dirt, and it’s often awkward to eat with them.

What is the recommended frequency of cleaning Invisalign aligners?

After meals, your aligners should always be cleaned. Warm water is recommended to wash your aligners after you remove them. This will reduce bacteria buildup as well as other problems such as plague or bad odors that can be caused by Invisalign trays.

For whom is Invisalign best?

For anyone with a problem with their teeth alignment, Invisalign can be used. Some alignment problems may need specialized treatment. Find a Certified Invisalign Provider near you to inquire about the suitability of treatment.

Our Service Area

Invisalign Monmouth County NJ serves all of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Patients travel from beyond these 2 counties for our expertise in Invisalign. We are Invisalign Certified Dentists with over 50 years of experience in all dental practices. We look forward to serving you.

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