Laser Therapy

The benefits of laser treatment


Soft tissue lasers—they look very much like ballpoint pens—do two things very well: they stop bleeding, and they destroy bacteria.


During cosmetic dental procedures such as placing a filling, a crown or a veneer, some bleeding around the gum line is possible. But the long-term success of new dental work requires a blood-free, bacteria-free environment when the restoration is placed.


A laser can help ensure that there is no bleeding at the site of the restoration. The laser light is attracted to the red hemoglobin pigment in the blood. This light is absorbed, causing coagulation that stops the bleeding.


Using a dental laser is a simple procedure that is much less invasive than surgery. It helps to produce an optimal result.



Laser therapy and gum disease


Clients with advanced gum disease have red, inflamed, bleeding gums and pockets between their teeth and gums. The traditional solution for treating deep, unhealthy pockets unresponsive to dental scaling is gum surgery—an invasive, traumatic procedure. Using a dental laser reduces inflammation within pockets by killing bacteria and sterilizing the bottom of pockets. The result is a clean and stable environment that allows for healing, which in some cases can obviate the need for surgery.


Cold and canker sores


Lasers are instrumental in treating cold and canker sores. They take away the pain of these ulcers, eliminating the pathogens that cause them and allowing for quick healing, hopefully avoiding the ugly, crusty look of an advanced sore.


If you are experiencing issues with your gums, don’t hesitate to inquire with our office.