Filling in the gaps


Bonding is a procedure that can be used to fill in gaps, chips and other slight imperfections in your teeth. It involves applying a durable, composite resin to your tooth (or teeth) and curing it with a high intensity light. Depending on the situation, several layers can be applied in a shade that matches your natural tooth colour.


Bonding versus veneers


Ceramic veneers are sometimes a better option than dental bonding for damaged teeth, especially when covering a good proportion of the tooth is required. Veneers looks extremely natural and can be made to perfectly match the colour of your teeth. They will hold their shine and will not stain, whereas bonding can dull over time.


Bonding is, however, an easy way to improve a smile by filling in gaps between teeth. If you would like to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options, please give us a call at 705.444.2668 to book a consultation.